Andrew Valko, ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’, 2012


Some helmet doodles I did during tonight’s sketchjam. Been holding one over at my house on Fridays.
Using a some brush pens I picked up from Kinokuniya. First time using brush pens!  Also on some cheap paper I picked up from Kino meant for writing on but it takes pen really really nicely. To get the soft gradients I just use a white pencil.

Oh yeah my first time with brush pens. I used white pencil to get the soft gradients! Drawn at the Friday sketchjam I been having at my house lately. It’s great I went crazy one Friday and baked 72 muffins. The baking fever seized me.

[HQ] WINNER - 2014 S/S Limited Edition

I cannot wait to see this scene in “My Secret Hotel”